Bidvest 3663 gets smarter with live quotes online

bidvest 3663

Leading foodservice provider Bidvest 3663 has launched a live quote system that gives online customers the same opportunity to negotiate bespoke prices as those ordering through the telesales team.

Believed to be a first for the industry, the SmartQuote service brings consistency to the ordering experience ensuring that customers have access to the same prices, offers and loyalty discounts across all platforms.

Nicholas Weber, head of e-commerce at Bidvest 3663 said: “We wanted to offer all our customers the same benefits whether they choose to order over the phone or online and are extremely pleased that we can now do this.

“Customers can order 24/7 in a way that suits them, knowing that they are getting the best price available to them. SmartQuote is just another service demonstrating our commitment to making our customers’ lives easier.”

SmartQuote allows Bidvest 3663’s online customers to get a quote for selected products based on the quantity of cases they want to buy and how long they want to commit to that price for.

In principle, the more they want to buy and the longer they can commit to that price, the cheaper the products will be. Traditionally, such pricing arrangements were only available by speaking directly with a member of the sales team.

The SmartQuote service also takes into account other factors, such as how often these items are purchased and how long the customer has partnered with Bidvest 3663, ensuring that customer loyalty is rewarded.

Along with the introduction of the SmartQuote service, there are two more additions to the suite of Bidvest 3663’s online services. Customers can now access their statements and invoices online through the new “My Documents” service, accessible through a link from the Bidvest 3663 homepage.

Here, they can see both current and past statements and invoices, and review the details of each order with the option to download the data, available as either an Excel of CSV file.

Online order tracking is also now available, giving customers the option to track an order from the minute it is received by Bidvest 3663 through to its departure from the depot on the delivery vehicle.

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