Bimber Distillery unveils ‘UK first’ oolong tea gin

Bimber Da Hong Pao Tea Gin

London-based Bimber Distillery has released its latest spirit: Da Hong Pao Tea Gin, made using oolong tea.

Originating from wild rare tea plants that are found growing on the cliffs of Wuyi Mountain, Da Hong Pao is a semi-fermented, heavily oxidized oolong tea.

According to Bimber’s master distiller and co-founder Darius Plazewski, “it yields a golden yellow liquid that produces a pleasant long lasting aftertaste. It’s also renowned for its nourishing medicinal properties, just like gin.”

Da Hong Pao Tea Gin is handcrafted on site at Bimber’s west London distillery. Applying traditional brewing and draining methods, the Da Hong Pao leaves are mixed with Bimber’s signature gin recipe.

The gin and tea leaves are infused for one week to ensure maximum flavour extraction, before being filtered and bottled at a high strength of 51.8% ABV.

The resulting liquid is an “earthy, floral, richly-coloured gin with a sweet taste profile.”

The bottle, designed by co-founder Ewelina Chruszczyk, takes inspiration from an old pharmacy-style brown bottle, and bears a label representing Chinese traditions of herbal remedies.

Ewelina said: “I have taken lots of influence from the Wuyi Mountains and I have spent countless hours researching and tasting several types of Oolong tea, analysing the colours of the roast and deciphering Chinese characters.”

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