Birmingham bar celebrates cricket with special cocktail menu

White Men Can’t Stump

Special cricket-themed cocktails are being added to the menu at the Edgbaston Boutique Hotel & Cocktail Lounge in Birmingham in collaboration with El Dorado rum.

The drinks have been created to celebrate the tour of the West Indies cricket team to England this summer. Like the team, El Dorado Demerera Rum comes from the Caribbean, although its home, Guyana, is just south of the West Indies.

The special menu, available from August 16 to 22, offers an El Dorado Old Fashioned, the signature serve of El Dorado 12 Year Old Rum, as well as cocktails created by bar manager Luke Pearson and the team at The Edgbaston.

White Men Can’t Stump (pictured top) combines El Dorado 3 Year Old with barbecued banana, citrus and ice cream while the Essequibo River Punch is a mix of El Dorado 8 Year Old, genever, peach and tonic water.

The Daisy Cutter (pictured below) uses El Dorado 8 Year Old with pink port, hibiscus grenadine and citrus, and the Legend of the Golden Man contains El Dorado 15 Year Old, coffee, sweet vermouth and dandelion.

The menu will coincide with the first-ever day/night Test match to be played on English soil which takes place at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham from August 17 to 21.

In addition to the cocktail menu, El Dorado brand ambassador Dean MacGregor, from the rums’ UK distributor Love Drinks, will be hosting a rum masterclass for both customers of The Edgbaston and the bar team in advance of the first Test.

Dean said: “Cricket and rum are two things that the Guyanese community are passionate about, so it made sense to combine the two for the tour of the West Indies.

“The Edgbaston was our first choice because it’s undoubtedly one of the best bars in the city and they are making some cracking drinks. The menu that they’ve created for the activity is just outstanding with some real innovative touches.”

The cocktail was devised as part of The Edgbaston’s regular Friday sessions, affectionately known as the Friday Night Project – a concept originating from Noma in Copenhagen. Every Friday night, members of the team present a cocktail that they have been working on to their colleagues in the hopes of exciting them by using forward-thinking techniques and flavours and getting their cocktail chosen for special menus.

Luke said: “The team and I pride ourselves on creating innovative menus and making great-tasting drinks, so when we started talking to El Dorado about hosting some activity for the forthcoming cricket, we were happy to take part – particularly as the El Dorado range is such an excellent range to make drinks with.”

The Edgbaston is currently championing a cocktail menu that celebrates Birmingham, with 36 cocktails that have a connection to the people, places and inventions of the city. “The cocktails made with El Dorado seemed like a natural fit with this activity, especially as the ground is just a stone’s throw from the hotel and a number of the cricket fraternity like to stay with us when a game is on,” Luke added.

“At the hotel we are lucky to have a whole host of tools for our award-winning team to use and create truly bespoke drinks and ingredients. The star of the show is a rotary evaporator commonly known as ‘Roxanne’. She allows us to boil liquids at room temperature and distil the most delicate of flavours without damaging them.

“This allows us to create our own gins, create reductions without heating them and even distil flowers such as marigolds which are grown locally and have a fragrant mandarin flavour as showcased in the ‘Bowled Over’ cocktail alongside El Dorado 12, honey and hay.

“At the heart of what we do is genuine passion and enthusiasm for creating drinks with meaning, a sense of place and above all a level of satisfaction upon consumption.”

Daisy Cutter El Dorado Rum Edgbaston

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