The Black Grouse names winning bar for explorers event

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Kenton Cool, Ben Fogle, Olly Hicks

A nationwide competition run by The Black Grouse whisky to find a bar to host an event for four leading explorers has been won by The Hospital Club in London.

It was chosen from venues across the UK that entered by coming up with an explorer-inspired serve featuring The Black Grouse – a blend from The Famous Grouse that includes peated malts.

They also had to explain what made their bar distinctive and why it would be the perfect venue to host the event well-known adventurers Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Ben Fogle, Kenton Cool and Olly Hicks (pictured).

David Tristan at The Hospital Club devised Philippa’s Legacy, made with The Black Grouse infused with bay leaf, nutmeg and cardamom, combined with plum bitters and a sweet vermouth infused with thistle flower root and juniper berries.

Presented in a vintage glass, the cocktail was inspired by founder Matthew Gloag’s daughter Philippa who originally designed the label featuring the grouse on The Famous Grouse whisky in 1896.

The Hospital Club in Covent Garden will host the “in conversation” event on February 19 where guests will also see the winning serve being made and be able to sample it.

It follows two sell-out events featuring the explorers at London’s Natural History Museum and Edinburgh’s Hub.

Johna Penman, marketing controller for the whisky’s distributor Maxxium UK, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to bring the distinctive character behind our brand to life and connect with consumers with a shared sense of adventure.

“We partnered with these four iconic explorers to create a unique experience and demonstrate the versatility of The Black Grouse through long mixed drinks.”

Olly Hicks added: “Any explorer or adventurer has a distinctive character that drives them on to take on new challenges and seek out adventure. Motivation, discipline and a desire to succeed are characteristics we can all identify with and aspire to have.

“I am delighted to be part of these events with such esteemed individuals as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Kenton Cool and Ben Fogle and I am looking forward to discussing our experiences in front of a live audience at The Hospital Club.”

Philippa’s Legacy by David Tristan

50ml The Black Grouse infused with bay leaves, cardamom seeds, nutmeg and blueberries
30ml Antica Formula sweet vermouth infused with thistle flower and juniper berries
2 dashes of Fee Brothers Plum Bitters

Stir with ice and fine-strain into a coupette glass. Add infused dried plum garnish.
For the whisky infusion, use 6 bay leaves, 5 cardamom seeds, 5g nutmeg and 23 blueberries.
For the vermouth infusion, use 10g thistle flower and 23 juniper berries.
For the dried plum garnish, infuse the plum with 0.2ml of Courvoisier cognac, 5 lemon peels, 3 orange slices, 8 sage leaves and 20ml agave syrup.

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