Black Horse and Harrow to reopen as Ninth Life

Ninth Life, Catford

The Laine Pub Company has announced the launch of Ninth Life, a multi-level pub with a nine-room immersive theatre experience in Catford.

The operator is restoring the Black Horse and Harrow, thought to be one of the oldest and most celebrated pubs in the borough of Lewisham.

Creative director Dr Claire MacNeill and the Ninth Life team are placing the Catford cultural community at the heart of the refurbishment and events programme, ensuring that the pub becomes a local hub and creative asset for South East London.

The name Ninth Life takes inspiration from legendary local cat themes and the idea that if humans had nine lives, the ninth really needs to be the one that counts.

Inspired by festival culture, the venue will celebrate a plethora of art forms and activities with music, performance, escapism and play at the top of the agenda.

Guests can expect immersive theatre, live art projects and live music, local film screenings, games nights and drag-queen bingo as well as daytime showcases from local youth groups, graffiti festivals, spoken word and art exhibitions.

The upper levels of the pub will host an evolving Escape Room, inspired interactive theatre and gaming experience. The inaugural production, ‘The Viewing’, is inspired by local rumours that during a renovation of the pub, builders discovered that it was built on mysterious ley lines, said to be portals to other worlds, times and realities.

The pub will celebrate fresh food and seasonality, both in the pub kitchen and from the independent vendors in the food market. Seasonal daily specials will be served alongside locally-sourced drinks including Laine beer, Brockley Brewery and Village Brewery.

The Street Food Union market will also provide a regularly changing selection of London street food, with vegetarian and vegan choices available.

Music will also be a key focus at Ninth Life, with “festival feel” programme playing an eclectic mix of genres such as and new psych, new skool funk breaks, jazz and 60s soul.

Laine Pub Company CEO Gavin George said: “The Ninth Life is an evolution in the immersive experience we offer our customers, built on the bedrock of a great pub proposition. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring it to Catford and breath life back into this fabulous building.”

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