Blackwoods revamps vodka with botanical infusion

blackwoods premium vodkaThe team behind Blackwoods vintage gin have released a new version of its vodka that is infused with some of the same Shetland botanicals as its gins.

Blackwoods Botanical Vodka is created using a “bonification” process after distillation which involves infusing the vodka with botanicals to add complexity and create a smooth and rounded taste.

The botanicals, which are also used in the 40% ABV and 60% ABV gins, include sea pink, marsh marigold, meadow sweet and angelica – all handpicked in the Shetlands between May and July.

The vodka itself is distilled five times for extra smoothness and produced at 40% ABV. Brand owner Blavod Drinks has developed a new range of cocktails to show off the smoothness of the redeveloped vodka.

Kate Alexander, marketing manager at Blavod, said: “The added depth from the bonification process gives it a really interesting taste you can’t find anywhere else and vodka drinkers can enjoy it neat.

“We expect this, coupled with the new packaging, to cause a rise in sales in the UK and export markets.”

The packaging of Blackwoods Botanical Vodka has also been updated along with Blackwoods 40% and 60% gin, all reflecting the colours of the Shetland landscape.

The 40% Vintage Gin label is green like the hills, the 60% Vintage Gin label is brown like the cliffs surrounding the islands and the Botanical Vodka label is blue like the sea.

Released in the UK in early February, its recommended price in retail will be £24.50.

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