Blanco Niño corn tortillas launch in UK foodservice

Blanco Nino enchilladas Photo: Eoin Holland -

Funnybones Foodservice has become the first UK supplier of a premium range of Mexican corn tortillas produced by renowned Irish-based tortilleria Blanco Niño.

They are made to an authentic Mexican recipe where the corn is cooked and then steeped for 16 hours before being ground into dough called “masa” using hand carved volcanic stone grinders.

All Blanco Niño products are made using non-GM white sustainably grown corn, water and lime. They are low in fat, low in sugar and salt, and naturally gluten free.

Funnybones Foodservice, which specialises in Mexican, American and Tex-Mex food, will stock 10cm, 15cm and 30cm Soft White Corn Tortillas – perfect for tacos, enchiladas and burritos.

It will also stock Blanco Niño’s un-fried pre-cut corn tortilla chips which are suitable for starters, sides and sharing platters. Supplied frozen, they need to be defrosted when needed, with the 1kg bag making it easy to vary portion sizes.

Once defrosted, the chips can be deep fried in less than a minute, with any seasoning added to them straight out of the fryer, making them a fast, fresh and customisable option for high-quality tortilla chips.

Blanco Niño was founded in 2013 by Phillip Martin who toured Mexico to learn how to make authentic corn tortillas before setting up his Taqueria in Dublin.

The exclusive new products have been added after Funnybones Foodservice underwent a rebranding, refreshing its red and yellow logo with a vibrant new one with a cactus plant depicting a knife and fork and a font commonly associated with American diners.

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