Blind Spot adds Brexit twist to ‘Spin the Globe’ cocktail menu

Blind Spot 'Spin the Globe' cocktails

St Martins Lane hotel’s late-night speakeasy Blind Spot is adding a Brexit-inspired twist to its ‘Spin the Globe’ menu by offering a 17% discount on cocktails boasting flavours from around the EU.

Designed by Blind Spot’s bar manager Chris Ariza, the cocktail menu launched last year, and is an exercise in world exploration, inspired by the scents, flavours and histories of iconic global destinations.

The EU-inspired flavours are “as vibrant and dynamic as the countries themselves”, from the fragrant Bombay Sapphire, Ouzo liqueur, orange juice, honey syrup and Greek yoghurt of Santorini, Greece through to the sweet concoction of Belvedere vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, Mirabelle plum nectar, raspberry foam of Warsaw, Poland.

A new menu addition is Brussels, Belgium, highlighting both decadently rich and citrusy notes of lemon, honey water, and double cream mixed with genever and Cointreau.

The offer will run for 27 days, from May 1 to 27 May, with the number of days representing the number of EU countries without the UK, and is available upon quoting “Brexit”.

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