Bolder breed of Bulldog Gin introduced in UK

bulldogA bigger-flavoured, higher-ABV version of Bulldog London Dry Gin is being introduced in the UK, aimed at cocktail bars for G&Ts and classic-style cocktails.

Bulldog Gin Bold has an ABV of 47% instead of the original gin’s 40% and has a stronger, bolder taste. It also comes in a 100cl bottle instead of 70cl, available exclusively to the trade and luxury retail.

The bottle is sleeker, with a new matte finish. While still in a modern charcoal grey colour, it has deep purple hues, broad shoulders and spiked collar.

The liquid, which is one of the lighter-style gins around, is quadruple-distilled and made from 100% British grain and distilled in a copper pot still using 12 botanicals from eight different countries.

Bulldog Bold’s smooth and harmonious texture is attributable, in part, to lighter, “sweeter” botanicals such as dragon eye, white poppy from Turkey and liquorice from China as well as organically farmed juniper from Italy.

Anshuman Vohra, creator and chief executive of Bulldog Gin, said: “Bold represents the next stage in our hand-crafted, premium gin. Given the very successful test marketing in Scandinavia, we have decided to go on limited release in cocktail hotbeds NYC and London.

“What I envisioned – and I’m pleased to say that we’ve accomplished – is a gin with great character and a rich flavour that is enhanced as the additional proof allows our proprietary blend of botanicals to be more pronounced.”

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