Bombay Sapphire launches ‘Stir Creativity’ campaign

Premium gin brand Bombay Sapphire has announced the launch of a new fully-integrated global platform and positioning which serves as a call to arms for everyone to unlock their creative potential.

Leading with the line ‘1 Part Gin, 3 Parts You’, the versatility of Bombay Sapphire and the endless cocktail possibilities that the gin offers are highlighted, putting people and their creativity at the heart of each creation.

In the UK, the July rollout includes more than 300 advertising panels in key cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow to drive awareness of the campaign.

Natasha Curtin, global vice president of Bombay Sapphire said: “Creativity is something we all have in common. We’re hugely excited to launch our latest brand campaign Stir Creativity, through which we’re striving to inspire and enable creative self-expression. This campaign is the next step in the long-standing commitment from Bombay Sapphire to fostering and nurturing creativity.”

For the first brand act in the global Stir Creativity campaign, Bombay Sapphire will launch a new experiential concept, Canvas. Across Europe, blank canvas spaces are to be transformed into living works of art.

Canvas will launch in London on 17 July, bringing together 15 established and emerging artists from the UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Guests will discover mixology as an art form, exploring the endless possibilities for creative personal twists on Bombay Sapphire cocktails.

All proceeds from the ticket sales of the London event will be donated to UK charity Developing Artists, who champion and support creativity.

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