Boosting Sales with Beer

Photos by: Grant Anderson - / @grantandersondotme

Ben Lockwood, On Trade Customer Marketing Manager at BrewDog PLC, shares five ways venues can boost footfall and revenue through its beer offerings.

Breadth or Range

Beer should be about discovery and experimentation, so offering something for every taste will help to drive trial and encourage visitors to trade-up. At BrewDog, we now have a beer range that really reflects the needs of consumers across all types of bars and we work with our customers to ensure they provide the right range for each venue. Our core Headliner series, includes something for everyone, such as bold, uncompromising pack leader, the flagship Punk IPA, crisp and refreshing Lost Lager, Hazy Jane New England IPA, Session-strength IPA, Wingman and our no-nonsense Stout, Black Heart.

Enhanced Experiences

Experiences make a visit more memorable, more enjoyable, and more likely to drive footfall, loyalty and spend in the future. With drinkers becoming more demanding of a site’s range, quality and experience expectations are higher than ever. As a result, visitors are prepared to spend more on a higher quality pint. Perfect serve is the ultimate way to promote your beer offering, achieved through branded glassware and a great pour, and is vital in terms of delivering value for money and overall experience, to justify charging a higher price point. BrewDog is viewed as the highest quality brand in L&T and the most demanded craft beer brand in the majority of UK regions.

Make It Premium 

Although consumers are currently more conscious of their spend in bars, premiumisation is still important to them, with 79% of customers preferring to have less drinks of a better quality1. Introducing layers to your offer through more than just mainstream brands will resonate with your customers and drive them to your venue. Each product should have a clear position in your range, with defined steps up to offer increased premiumisation. Try not to duplicate beer styles, as this limits your ability to ladder, instead add breadth and variety to your offering. 

Trusted Brands 

Working with well-known brands helps to deliver reliability and consistency. A category like craft beer relies on an entry level signpost that consumers are aware of. With its leading brand position and the highest purchase intent of other craft beer brands, BrewDog is front of mind with established Craft Beer drinkers, with 51% of Craft Drinkers saying they would choose BrewDog brands if available.


Including an Alcohol-Free Craft Beer within draught ranges is an excellent way for bars to diversify their offer and cater for different guests by offering choice – whether consumers choose to forego alcohol completely, or they are simply moderating.

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