Boozing with excitement

credit Jes Gutierrez-Switaj

With summer just around the corner, Bar gathered their forces and dove into the upcoming trends for summer 2022 – flavoured spirits are going to be the main attraction!

1. Blood orange gin

Flavoured gins have always been very popular, with Parma violet, and rhubarb being the favourite options last summer. This year, it looks like blood orange gin is going to be popping up everywhere, ridding us of our thirst once again in the sunny weather. With its fragrant aroma and vibrant colour, blood orange gin is the way to go – gin manufacturers seem to be especially fond of it, and we expect to see plenty of twists on a G&T behind the bar.

2. Spritz

The drinks industry is huge, but we definitely know one thing: Spritz is king. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Aperol, or you are a bit daring and want to embrace the citrus season with some Limoncello, you can never go wrong with spritzes. Consumers are always interested in sipping a refreshing yet punchy drink, and the fizz is the cherry on top!

3. Banana rum 

Rum has been making its way to the top for a while now, with innovations in the field spreading all around the world. Clearly one of the new favourites, we see banana rum being a great asset for this summer; timeless classics – such as a good Daiquiri or Caipirinha – will come back stronger than ever, giving your consumers that ‘something more’ they’ve been longing for. 

4. Coconut tequila

We couldn’t leave out shot favourites, with tequila leading the party. Tequila has always been known as one of the most consumed spirits when it comes to a quick round at the bar, but we are curious to see this flavoured variety in action. With its slightly sweet and tropical – yet not overpowering – taste, coconut tequila will not only be smoother to shot, but also to have on the rocks or in a Frozen Margarita twist. 

5. Cold brew coffee liqueur

The pandemic clearly left us all tired and confused; the coffee trend has been expanding noticeably over the past few months and is now a new favourite when it comes to its alcoholic version. Starting out as ‘spiked coffee’, cold brew coffee liqueurs are ideal to have on the rocks and sip away in the hot sun. They’ll not only give you the energy to party all night, but also a great buzz! 

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