Bored waiting at the bar? Here’s four exciting ways to kill time

We’ve all been there: we’re waiting at a bar for our friends, or perhaps even a date, to show up and it feels as if they’re taking forever. For many of us, especially those of us who are particularly impatient, this time can be exasperating and even uncomfortable.

Waiting can sometimes drive people to despair, to the point where they’re aimlessly scrolling through old photographs or their phone contacts in order to look like they’re doing something. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with four things you can do on your phone to look busy and pass the time next time you’re waiting around.

Play games
Now, we know what you’re thinking – online games can be a massive data and battery drain. Never fear, as there are now plenty of games that are available as apps as well as on your smartphone’s web browser. For instance, online casino mFortune has created apps for each of their games from bingo to poker, all of which are available on Android and iOS. Plus, this casino even offers new players a slots no deposit bonus so you can spin your time away for free. If your phone does have an impressive battery life though, flash games are also a great option.

Take pictures
As a regular 21st Century human, chances are you are pretty active on social media. While you could post on Facebook about how much you hate waiting or passive aggressively retweet sassy sayings, it may be a better idea to take some photos to share. If the place you’re waiting in has some interesting features then snap a picture, stick a filter on it and post it on Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively, if you’re having a good hair or makeup day now, is the time to take a selfie and share it with your followers.

Watch YouTube

If you’ve got your headphones with you then you could always open up the ultimate time-waster of a website – YouTube. There are probably plenty of channels that you’re subscribed to that have tons of videos for you to catch up on, or you may even want to discover someone new who can help you through boredom – like JessiePaege in the video above. Alas, if you’re completely lost for ideas there is always Beyoncé’s back catalogue to rummage through.

Catch up on the news
There’s no denying that being up-to-date on what is happening around the world is very important and will probably even help you have more interesting conversations with those you are waiting for. Before they turn up, head over to the BBC News homepage or boot up an app like theSkimm and make sure you catch up on current events.

So, next time you’re waiting for your friend, a date, or even a phone call or text just pick up your phone and get gaming, release your inner photographer or catch up on all the media you may have missed recently.

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