Bottlegreen launches new bottles alongside product launch

bottlegreen new packs

Bottlegreen Drinks Co is rolling out new pack designs across its entire portfolio of Bottlegreen cordials, sparkling pressés and mixers alongside a new product launch.

The bottle shape has been retained but all 21 lines in the range now feature the new Bottlegreen logo which has been hand-drawn by a lettering artist to reflect the brand’s artisan origins. The new look has been introduced by SHS Drinks to reinforce the brand’s premium quality, the Cotswold heritage and hand-crafted credentials.

A new seasonal limited-edition flavour, Elderflower & Elderberry, has also joined the 275ml sparkling pressé range for the winter. The intense claret-red liquid combines Bottlegreen’s delicate signature elderflower notes with plump elderberries, initially delivering the sweetness of elderflowers before developing into a mature complex finish of cherry and blackcurrant richness with a very dry finish.

The botanical illustrations on the new 275ml Bottlegreen sparkling pressé bottles have been drawn free-hand and a second colour has been added to create a 3D effect, giving more life and personality to the design.

The back label has been moved to the side providing a clean, unobstructed view through the liquid to the back of the bottle, and the flavour descriptor labels are now bordered in silver to enhance the premium appearance of the packaging.

Colour-coded screw caps have also been introduced on the four core sparkling pressé flavours so that the key flavours can be more easily differentiated: Elderflower (cream); Pomegranate & Elderflower (pink); Ginger & Lemongrass (orange); and Cox’s apple (fresh mint green). The other four sparkling pressé lines will all feature new vibrant green screw-top closures.

Key features of the new 500ml cordial bottle design include “Made in the Cotswolds” embossing on the glass and new hand-drawn botanical illustrations depicting the key ingredients for each of the flavours, with the flavour descriptors appearing on a gardener’s-style name tag attached to the plant.

Bottlegreen’s four mixers have also been given a makeover with the new design introducing a botanical dimension to the sophisticated graphics on the original tonic water bottle designs. The range is now being positioned as the Bottlegreen “Mixer” collection which will be communicated via brand ambassador activity, a high-profile consumer PR campaign and initiatives targeting key influencers.

The new Bottlegreen logo and “Mixer” descriptor are prominently positioned on the bottles, and the gold swizzle stick portrayed in the original design of the tonic water bottles has now been incorporated into the botanical drawing featured on each of the bottles. This aims to give the design a more natural feel and put more emphasis on the natural ingredients while aligning the design more closely with the cordial and sparkling pressé bottles.

Gold-coloured crown closures have also been replaced with silver-coloured crown caps, matching the silver borders on each of the colour-coded flavour labels.

Amanda Grabham, marketing director for soft drinks at SHS Drinks, said: “What attracts consumers to the Bottlegreen brand is the quality of the ingredients and the end product, which is achieved using a unique filtration process, as well as the choice of flavours which are suited to adult palates. The new design brings all of these attributes to the fore.

“The bolder and more prominent use of hand-drawn botanical drawings puts much greater emphasis on the key natural ingredients and conveys the fine filtration process and craftsmanship which goes into making Bottlegreen drinks, whilst embossing on the glass cordial bottes and the use of silver borders on labels emphasises their premium quality.

“Introducing colour-coded caps and flavour descriptor labels makes it easier to differentiate between the flavours and better communicates the range of flavours available.

“From a Bottlegreen mixer perspective, a big part of their appeal and success has been the fact that they are from the Bottlegreen stable, so we have taken this opportunity to align the design of the mixer range more closely with that of the cordials and sparkling pressés.

“The iconic bottle shape, Bottlegreen logo and consistent use of botanical images now clearly unite the whole Bottlegreen family.”

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