The bottom line is: LineClenze will save you money

beer pouring tap

LineClenze is the new waste reduction device that has been taking the bar and pub industry by storm. This clever piece of technology helps bar managers save money by reducing the frequency that they have to clean their beer lines. This means less beer poured down the drain and more to sell.

Line cleaning typically takes place once a week and is responsible for high levels of beer waste every month. By installing the LineClenze device, customers have reported that line cleaning can be reduced to once every 28 days or less, providing a quick return on investment and additional income that goes straight to the bottom line.

Adam, manager at The Cambridge Brew House, part of The City Pub Company, said: “I would highly recommend the LineClenze system. We have 12 lines installed and waste around 2.5 pints of sellable beer or cider every time we clean the lines.

“Where we were cleaning the lines weekly, we now clean them on a monthly basis, which provided a return on investment within the first six months of use. We’ve also seen huge savings in terms of time, resource, water and cleaning materials. Definitely worth the investment.”

LineClenze is a nationwide group offering waste reduction solutions to the hospitality and leisure industries.

For further information call 0800 170 1564, email, or visit

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