Bowmore reveals 50-year-old whisky

Bowmore 50Yo in BoxA 50-year-old expression is being launched for Islay single malt Bowmore as part of its range of extremely limited-release whiskies.

Distilled one very cold day in December 1961, the new-make spirit was carefully filled into two ex-bourbon hogshead casks at the Bowmore Distillery. Half a century later, the barrels have produced 200 bottles of the new whisky.

According to the tasting notes, the Bowmore 50 Year Old (1961) has hints of black truffles and tropical fruits that reveal the full maturity of Bowmore’s warm, smoky spirit.

With a warm, honey-gold texture, the bursts of ripe fruit intermingled with black truffles and gentle smoke manifest themselves in that first sip, leaving you to savour the evolving finish of almond cake and caramelised pears interwoven with subtle peat oils.

With a price tag of £16,000, it comes in a bottle that has been hand-blown by renowned glass sculpting studio Glasstorm, while the neck collars and cork tops of the bottles have been crafted by Fattorini Silversmiths.

To complete the piece, the bottle is housed within handmade cabinets which have been built in Scottish elmwood by master carpenter Peter Toaig.

The new expression follows the launch of other limited releases from Bowmore such as the 1957 and Eclipse.

Eddie MacAffer, Bowmore’s master distiller, said: “This 50-year-old Bowmore is yet another wonderful example of the older whiskies that the distillery has matured in our No 1 Vaults warehouse, right on the shores of Loch Indaal.

“This rare whisky was slowly and expertly distilled using the old coal-fired stills used in Bowmore at that time and was then filled into ex-bourbon hogshead casks and carefully stored away in the No 1 Vaults.

“Now, the result of all that dedication and care, applied since 1961, is about to be revealed. The select people destined to sample the first taste of this special Nectar are privileged indeed.”

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