BrewDog develops its own beer-based spirit

WattDickie-BottlesBrewer and bar operator BrewDog has developed its own spirit made from beer using a new “ice-distillation” process.

The new spirit is called WattDickie, named after BrewDog’s founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, and has an ABV of 35 per cent. It is produced through a brewing and ice-distillation process, using an IPA-style beer, which is being patented by BrewDog.

The initial batch of WattDickie is being sold at BrewDog’s UnderDog bar in Shoreditch, east London, and will be available in BrewDog’s 12 bars around the UK and its online shop from the end of June. It comes in 60cl bottles but will be available in 700ml bottles later this year.

WattDickie will remain separate from the BrewDog brand, with its own unique brand identity featuring soldiers with shark and fox heads.

Previously, BrewDog has produced high-ABV beers such as Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sink the Bismarck! and the 55 per cent ABV The End of History but James and Martin do not regard their new spirit as a “beer”.

Martin said: “What we have here is not beer but its alter-ego. This is Mr Hyde. This is the shiver down the spine of the grease-slick ad man relying on people lapping up the ‘same-old, same-old’ from their sticky bottles of snake oil. This is a drink brewed by the misfits, for the misfits. It’s a beautiful, absurd experiment.”

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