BrewDog develops pairings for beer and popcorn with Joe & Seph’s

brewdog popcorn

Scottish brewer BrewDog has devised pairings for its beers with gourmet popcorn, available in all of its bars.

The company has formed a partnership with Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn, introducing its range of flavours across its 18 BrewDog bars as well as in its online shop. They will cost £2.25 per pack.

All five of the BrewDog Headliner beers have been paired with a complementary flavour from Joe & Seph’s range. Detailed tasting notes on the pairings will be featured on the popcorn’s limited-edition packaging in the bars.

The full beer and flavour pairings are:

• BrewDog Punk IPA and Joe & Seph’s Madras Curry with Lime & Black Onion Seeds popcorn
• BrewDog Five AM Red Ale and Joe & Seph’s Caramel, Pepper & Chilli popcorn
• BrewDog This.Is.Lager. and Joe & Seph’s Cheddar Cheese & Smoked Paprika popcorn
• BrewDog Brixton Porter and Joe & Seph’s Smooth Caramel & Espresso popcorn
• BrewDog Dead Pony Pale Ale and Joe & Seph’s Goat’s Cheese & Black Pepper popcorn

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “Our mission is to make other people as passionate about craft beer as we are, by pushing the boundaries of what beer can be and constantly experimenting with flavour.

“This collaboration is a natural next step in our quest to elevate beer’s cultural profile, showcase its versatility and promote its ability to complement a wide range of food, whether it be beef jerky, burgers or popcorn.

“In Joe & Seph’s, we have found a partner that takes its craft as seriously as we do and is just as willing to upend the status quo in its industry.

“Food and beer pairing is still a relatively new concept to many people, but we hope folks will leave our bars with their palates educated and their minds opened.”

Joseph Sopher, founder and owner of Joe & Seph’s, added: “We were very excited when BrewDog approached us about a potential collaboration. We’re all big fans of BrewDog and felt it was the perfect partner for Joe & Seph’s, with its insatiable appetite for innovation.

“We spent hours experimenting with interesting beer and popcorn combinations to find the perfect partners in crime. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it.”

“Like BrewDog, we are dedicated to creating flavoursome, quality products. All of our popcorn is made by hand in our London kitchen, using only the best natural ingredients.

“Each kernel is packed with flavour and develops on the palate, due to our unique flavour-sequencing technique. For example, our Caramel, Pepper & Chilli popcorn will transform from sweet caramel to hot black pepper before a climax of fiery chilli.

“Combine it with the malty, toasty notes and intense bitterness of BrewDog’s Five AM Red Ale and you have a flavour combination that is out of this world.”

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