BrewDog discounts soft drinks and low-alcohol beer for drivers

brewdog nanny state

Changes in the drink-driving laws in Scotland have prompted the owners of BrewDog bars to introduced discounts on soft drinks and its own low-alcohol beer.

Its “designated driver discount” of 15% is available to anyone who presents a set of car keys at the bar when ordering soft drinks, coffee or BrewDog’s 0.5% ABV Imperial mild, Nanny State.

In December, the legal alcohol limit in Scotland was reduced from 80mg to 50mg for every 100ml of blood, making it stricter than anywhere else in the UK. However, the discount will be available in all of BrewDog’s bars across the UK.

James Watt, who co-founded BrewDog with Martin Dickie (pictured), said: “This is our way of giving a little back to those brave souls who have taken on the responsibly to safely ferry their friends to and from the watering hole.

“We’ve always championed responsible drinking, and with this discount, we want to make it easier for those who have to drive to enjoy themselves in our bars.

“Nanny State is the perfect choice for designated drivers. It demonstrates the versatility of beer, showing it is perfectly possible to achieve a flavoursome and complex beer with very low alcohol levels.”

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