Brighten Up Your Indoor Area for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, making now the best time to prepare your establishment for the busier seasons. Woodberry offers some top tips on creating welcoming spaces for customers.

Add Some Colour

Whether you prefer opulent hues or bold and bright tones; adding some colour will help to turn any space from dull to atmospheric. We have seen ‘dopamine décor’ and ‘opulent décor’ make its mark in hospitality sectors. From family friendly restaurants opting for bright, primary colours to bars going with a glamorous 1920’s feel. 

Woodberry offer a range of bespoke furniture that can be customised to suit your brand. 

Style and Functionality 

While the appearance of your establishment is important, so is the functionality. This means considering how easy it is to clean the furniture. For example, faux leather upholstery may be a better option near bars as any spills are easy to wipe clean and smells aren’t going to linger., 

You should also consider the layout of the space, and the durability of the furniture. 

Listen to Your Customers

Responding to customer need is the best way to prepare for a busy season. For example, if more couples are coming in rather than large groups you may want a larger zone with 2-seater tables and mood lighting to offer a more romantic experience.  

The Woodberry team are experts in creating a stylish and functional space that responds to customer need. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements: Call 01926 889922 and browse indoor at

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