Bristol bar courts controversy with cocktails and vapours

Rummer cocktails vapours

A new cocktail menu at a Bristol hotel bar is said to be causing “controversy” from its use of e-cigarettes with customised flavours.

The limited-edition Cocktails & Vapours menu at The Rummer hotel in St Nicholas’s Market features drinks matched with nicotine-free vapours designed and made in-house by the bar’s team.

Available until late September, the list includes the Smoke-O-Nut, with a cocktail of smoked El Dorado three-year-old rum, pineapple juice, cream and sugar, served with a coconut vapour.

The Rummer’s owner, Brett Hirt, said: “The idea is not new. People have always enjoyed the flavours of drinking and smoking together, and for lots of people the flavours are complementary and inseparable.

“We have modernised the idea, taking advantage of new technology and the availability of atomisers, and removed the nicotine from our vapours.

“The whole concept revolves around the interplay of flavours from both mediums.”

Although no nicotine is used and the vapours dissipate odourlessly, The Rummer expects it to be controversial because of some pubs, bar and clubs banning e-cigarettes and fears that “vaping” normalises tobacco cigarettes.

Other serves are Terry Can Do One, with a drink combining Evan Williams whiskey, dry curaçao, crème de cacao chocolate liqueur, crème de chataigne chestnut liqueur and chocolate, served with a mint vapour.

The Milano Mule is a long drink of OVD Rum, ginger beer and Angostura Bitters served with a gingerbread and cappuccino vapour, and the Cosmo Anise mixes Luksusowa Vodka with dry curaçao, cranberry juice and lime juice, served with an anise vapour. They are all priced at £8.

David Blatch, bartender at The Rummer, was a lead member of the team that spent six months developing the menu. He said: “It has been a really fun and challenging development process, and we really hope that people enjoy what we have created, but after a month it is time to move on to the next project. We have some really great ideas hopefully coming online within the next year.”

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