Britain’s Aidan Bowie wins place in final 12 in World Class

World Class 12 2016

Aidan Bowie from Dandelyan in London, representing Great Britain, has made it through to the last 12 in this year’s World Class competition global final.

His place in the next stage of Diageo Reserve’s competition in Miami was announced last night after two days of challenges in the first round alongside 55 other national winners from around the world.

The other 11 finalists are:

  • Dries Botty, The Dirty Rabbit, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Shane Mulvany, Alo, Toronto, Canada
  • Adrián Michalčík, L´Fleur, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Jonas Brandenborg Andersen, Mash Penthouse, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jennifer Le Nechet, Café Moderne, Paris, France
  • Ryu Fujii, Bar K, Osaka, Japan
  • Mica Rousseau, Fifty Mils at Four Seasons Mexico City, Mexico
  • Kevin Kroon, Door 74, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Adriana Chia, Solange Cocktails & Luxury Spirits, Barcelona, Spain
  • Johan Evers, Hard Waters & Ling Long, Stockhom, Sweden
  • Nick Wu, East End Bar Taipei, Taiwan

Today, the final 12 (pictured above) will go through to round two which will feature the American Classics challenge. They will have a list of 48 classic American cocktails represented by a deck of cards, grouped into spirit categories – clubs are gin, diamonds are rum, hearts are scotch, spades are vodka and tequila.

The bartenders must make at least one classic drink and one twisted variant per category for a total of eight drinks. Twenty seconds before the round starts bartenders are given two cards featuring a Bulleit whiskey cocktail for which they can score bonus points.

Bartenders can also play an ace, which means they are going for three drinks for that category and score more points. Bartenders can play a maximum of four ace cards – meaning they can make four more drinks. Bartenders are given the names of the cocktails but they choose the ingredients and exact recipes for their classics and twists.

Just six finalists will be chosen later today to go on to the final challenge on Thursday – the Miami Shakedown. This will see the bartenders working as a team to create a micro-bar in 24 hours and create a set of special serves.

You can watch the competition live at the extended Livestream hosted on and on the World Class Facebook page

Click here for a full preview of the competition featuring all 56 finalists.

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