Brockmans conjures up a little bit of magic

Gin lovers were treated to an extra special surprise when they were whisked into a secret world hidden behind a fake wall in a bar thanks to Brockmans.

As part of its latest campaign, the super-premium gin brand built a pop-up gin bar and invited members of the public to come along and enjoy a drink. But unbeknown to guests, Brockmans had created a secret world hidden behind a fake wall in the bar.

Once seated, guests were enticed by a button inviting them to “Press for Gin” before being whisked through an apparently solid wall into a fantasy bar. Once inside, a magician conjured up a perfect serve Brockmans Gin & Tonic.

Bob Fowkes, co-founder and marketing director of Brockmans, said: “Our unsuspecting guests were seated in a booth, where suddenly a Press for Gin button appears.

“When they pressed the button, the entire booth disappeared through the wall and into a secret world where our guests were served their gin in a most unexpected way. We filmed the whole thing and got some great footage of their reactions”.

The brand’s latest venture has resulted in a Press for Gin video which you can watch here

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