Brockmans Gin: spotlight on Andy Latta of Tigerlily, Edinburgh

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Brockmans Gin presents Tigerlily in Edinburgh and its bar manager, Andy Latta

Andy Latta loves Brockmans Gin. He is bar manager at Tigerlily, one of Edinburgh’s most glamorous boutique hotels, featuring a busy restaurant and a bar that lists over 75 cocktails. On Friday and Saturday nights, this is one of the liveliest venues in the city.

The spirits menu includes round 30 gins, among them the “gin like no other”, Brockmans Gin. Brockmans is a top seller. Asked why, Andy Latta says: “Partly it’s down to brand awareness. Quite simply, people ask for it. It helps that the bottle stands out. Being very different and black, those who don’t already know Brockmans ask about it because they are drawn in by the packaging. Also the team and I team talk about Brockmans Gin, especially to those who don’t think of themselves as gin drinkers.”

Brockmans is a 40% ABV gin whose taste profile is unusual due to its combination of botanicals that include blueberries, blackberries, coriander and bitter-sweet orange peel. “I like it because it’s different,” says Andy. “Many gins are much of a muchness – this gin follows a different trend. So from a customer perspective, it’s a great gateway gin. The blackberry and blueberry notes appeal to people and we find this accessible appeal introduces people to this spirit. It’s a good starting point for people who think they don’t like gin. Often they dislike tonic. We sell a lot of gin & soda (instead of tonic) and Brockmans holds up well. We garnish it with a sprig of mint and a blackberry. We talk to them about Brockmans and challenge them to try it. Most people love it.”

One of Tigerlily’s favourite serves is a Brockmans Bramble because, says Andy, “it holds up well with those strong fruity ingredients. It’s a classic.” The plan is therefore to include the Bramble on the forthcoming new menu too.

The bar also serves a twist on a Clover Club cocktail, garnished with blackberries instead of raspberries. The more traditional Brockmans & Tonic is also much in demand of course but at Tigerlily often served with pink grapefruit and blackberries instead of Brockmans’ perfect serve garnish of blueberries.

Andy has worked in the bar trade for five years, the last two and a half years at Tigerlily where he undertakes a busy role. There are two bars: a small and more intimate room with just 14 tables serviced by four bartenders on busy nights; and a large bar, serving cocktails and craft beers, which needs 10 bartenders. There is also the restaurant.

Andy has worked closely with Brockmans Gin’s UK distributor, Indie Brands, and with his colleague Stephanie Bowman, the brand marketing manager for the Montpeliers Group of which Tigerlily is an important part. The collaboration has helped make Brockmans Gin the success it is in Tigerlily.

Tigerlily, 125 George St, Edinburgh EH2 4JN

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