Brusco launches UK’s first ready-made soft-boiled eggs

Soft boiled eggs Brusco

Offering a classic breakfast favourite has been made easier by supplier Brusco with the launch of the UK’s first ready-made soft-boiled eggs.

The eggs are supplied by the bulk ingredients specialist in a pre-cooked form, with their shells ready lasered for ease of opening, and in environmentally-friendly packaging.

Preparation is fast and efficient as a whole batch of them can be placed in the oven for a set time according to instructions, and customers are guaranteed a ready-to-dip, perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg.

For example, a batch of 100 eggs (lids open) could be placed in a pulsed air, dry oven at 140C for 15 minutes, or in a thermo contact oven (lids closed) for 35 minutes, to produce soft eggs ready to eat.

Pallets can hold up to 80 cases which includes the product being packed in cases of 30 – five rows of six egg cups.

Brusco’s eggs avoid the costs of paying a chef to precisely batch-boil high volumes of eggs in the traditional way, but they also come in their very own egg cup. The environmentally-friendly cup is a two-section hinged cellulose container which, once opened after reheating, has the egg nestling in one section with room for toast soldiers in the other.

Available as either barn laid or free range, the eggs are sourced from specially selected farms in France. They are pasteurised to remove harmful bacteria and promise excellent consistency with a smooth, creamy yolk.

As the eggs are heated up and served in their biodegradable packaging, handling of the product is minimised and the packaging can be instantly recycled.

Brusco already supplies the UK foodservice market, including pubs, bars and cafés, with a range of ready-made soft poached eggs and chilled or frozen scrambled eggs.

Brusco’s managing director, Andrew Ashby, said: “We are thrilled to bring this new product to the UK foodservice market. It will offer them the option of serving a popular dish quickly and consistently without wasting time on fiddly preparation.

“Our eggs are of the highest quality and provide guaranteed results every time, putting a family favourite back on the menu with a process that is both time efficient and cost effective.”

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