Burger & Lobster creates colourless and nameless cocktails

Burger & Lobster colourless cocktails

London restaurant group Burger & Lobster has launched a five-strong range of colourless cocktails in a bid to remove stereotypes associated with famous drinks.

Focusing on taste rather than marketing, the ‘Mixed-ology’ collection sees five classic cocktails, including the Mojito and Negroni, transformed into neutral, nameless drinks.

The drinks were created by mixologist Eduard Balan and George Pugsley, head of bar at Burger & Lobster, using ingredients such as grape and elderflower cordial, kombucha and a peach aperitif liqueur.

Demonstrating how stereotypes in marketing can affect consumer choice, Burger & Lobster carried out a social experiment, examining customer behaviour and choice when selecting a cocktail.

The research revealed that more than a fifth (21%) of the UK don’t feel comfortable drinking certain drinks, considering them more suitable for the opposite gender.

31% of male customers were put off choosing a particular cocktail, such as a Cosmopolitan or Pina Colada, because the name was too ‘feminine’, while 11% of female customers were too embarrassed to order drinks considered more ‘masculine’, such as a Negroni or an Old Fashioned.

In Burger & Lobster’s Soho restaurant, the serves were listed by numbers rather than their traditional name, allowing customers to choose a cocktail based on ingredients rather than a marketed name. No 1 was the most popular drink of choice across the board.

Conversely, in Bread Street restaurant, customers were selecting from a traditional list to see if the name of the drink impacted choices.

Burger & Lobster is looking to roll out the Soho Mixed-ology menu across its London restaurants throughout 2020.

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