Husky Refrigerators

Husky Refrigerators
Business Genre
37 Station Road, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4AP, United Kingdom.
Phone Number
01455 555340

Husky is a leading global refrigeration specialist with over 50 years experience and recognised for delivering the highest standards in refrigeration. Husky is committed to delivering outstanding products and service coupled with the very latest innovation, maximum energy efficiency, space efficiency and style for the convenience, hospitality and consumer markets.

From its head office in Lutterworth (UK) and its wholly owned manufacturing facility in Guangdong (China), Husky spans the globe through a network of franchisees, run by business people selected for their dynamism, business acumen and determination to succeed.  By working closely with its wide range of clients Husky constantly generates ideas on how to improve its products and services and because Husky owns and operates its own manufacturing facility, it has complete control over the quality of its products, from design and engineering through to manufacturing, logistics and service.

All Husky’s commercial refrigeration products are made to the highest European standards. The Husky group of companies sells refrigerators and freezers to the UK market and worldwide.