3R Telecom

3R Telecom
39 Lindsey Street, Epping Essex CM16 6RD
Phone Number
+44 (0)1992 574 650

Bringing you the ultimate EPoS Till Systems and Credit/Debit card terminals.
3R understands and has full knowledge of exactly what it is like to run a fast-paced successful bar, having been working alongside the hospitality industry for several years. 3R know the importance of keeping on top of sales, stock and staff and how this can affect your Company. With the new updated software, you are able to have detailed reporting functionalities which will help to minimize your cost whilst maximising profits. 3R are excellent for any industry.

3R provide fully integrated EPoS Till Systems for the day-to-day running of your business including full business management and business analytics software. Just recently they have added their new features such as the ultimate restaurant reservation link to ResDiary online booking system for restaurants and bars. This saving you a lot of time and generating the smooth operation of your business. Have this paired with our Merchant Services to give you an edge in payment management. 3R provides you with a leading card processing service for any retail sector. We deliver to our customers: the latest terminal hardware; the most competitive rates in the market and around the clock customer service from our dedicated teams providing you with easy, affordable solutions.

Never have to miss a sale with 3R!
Working together to achieve the highest of standards to deliver the best results.

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