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AudioZone is a system that allows your customers to listen to your live TV audio on their smartphone headsets.  This creates a virtual audio zone in a single room which will give venue operators new flexibility to cater for multiple customer groups at once. It was developed with pubs, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms and lounges in mind and allows you to:

  • Keep music on the main venue sound system while sports fans listen to the TV match commentary on their headsets.
  • Ensure all games are available with commentary when multiple sports broadcasts clash.
  • Show rolling news broadcasts without relying on ugly closed caption text over the screen.

The system consists of a small AZ Streamer device which is connected to the audio output of a TV or Decoder (cables included) and the AudioZone smartphone app which the customers install on their phones in the usual way. The AZ streamer transmits its’ own wifi network which customers must connect to in order to receive and listen to the audio stream. The audio stream is only available through wired headsets so you will not have any customers blasting audio out of the speakers on their phones.

Standard AudioZone is extremely easy to self-install and the starter pack which is available to order online ships complete with AZ Streamer, a stock of spare headsets, promotional stickers and posters and an instruction sheet for staff.  Of course we would be happy to assist even with small standard installations.  Large capacity venues and venues that require multiple simultaneous channels to be broadcast should contact us for a customized installation.

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