Butter rum caramels inspire new G1 Group cocktail

Slow Drop Caramel Cuba Libre

Tom Jones, head of bar operations at Scottish operator G1 Group, has been inspired by his mum’s butter rum caramels to create a tasty twist on a classic cocktail.

Wanting to combine his love of rum and his mother’s cooking, he has created the Slow Drop Caramel Cuba Libre for the menu at October in Glasgow’s Princes Square.

Working with Bacardi, he has come up with a cocktail that adds a bit of theatre with the house-made liquid caramel being slowly dripped into the Bacardi Gold and fresh lime juice mix before shaking.

Topped up with Coca-Cola, it is served with a caramelised lime wedge in a Bacardi tin cup.

Its popularity means that Tom is looking to add the cocktail at other bars within the G1 Group.

Slow Drip Caramel Cuba Libre by Tom Jones
50ml Bacardi Carta Oro
25ml Fresh lime juice
1 barspoon Homemade caramel
Top with Coca-Cola
Garnish: Caramelised lime wedge
Add the rum and lime juice to a Boston tin. Slowly drip the caramel into the drink and shake hard for six seconds, making sure the caramel is well fused with the ingredients. Pour into a Bacardi tin cup filled with cubed ice. Top with cola and garnish with a caramelised lime wedge.

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