Camden Town Brewery releases two new pint glasses

Camden Town Brewery has collaborated with UK designers to create two new iconic lager glasses, the Kenneth and the Jack.

The two glasses have been named after their designers, Sir Kenneth Grange and Jack Smith.

Camden’s Kenneth glass was created in collaboration with Sir Kenneth Grange, the creator of some of the UK’s most iconic designs, such as the London Black Taxi.

The Kenneth glass was designed for Camden’s Hells lager, which is described as the lovechild of Helles and Pilser, and references the traditional glasses for its two beer styles. It has the facets of a Helles Stein, combined with the tall and slender shape of a Pilsner glass to form a new and iconic lager glass.

Camden partnered with Jack Smith, one half of London design duo SmithMatthias Ltd to create their second glass, the Jack.

The Jack takes inspiration from the straight-sided, minimalist styles seen in contemporary glass design, bringing a new shape to the traditional pint glass.

Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery, said: “When you’ve been looking at pint glasses for more than 20 years, you start to have ideas on how you can change them.

“Kenneth and I talked about him designing a glass but I never dreamed it would actually happen. He then introduced us to SmithMatthias, who designed the Jack.

“It’s been amazing to collaborate with London’s best designers, both established and new, to create two fresh and fantastic pint glasses.”

Laura Clarke, marketing manager at All Bar One, the first bar to receive the glasses, added: “All Bar One has always been about offering a premium drinking experience for our customers.

“Now with the stylish design of the new Kenneth glass paired, with the quality of Camden Hells, we’re offering our lager drinkers the most premium experience possible.”

The Kenneth and Jack glasses are the first glass redesign Camden Town Brewery has undertaken since 2016. They have been designed for the trade, with all glasses toughened, nucleated, stackable and are CE marked pint to rim.

The Jack glass is available now and will be followed by the Kenneth glass in July.

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