Campari Academy UK presents The Art of Hospitality

In an exclusive interview with Bar Magazine, UK Ambassador for Campari’s Italian Spirits Portfolio, Loris Contro, has revealed a few details about the newly launched seminar initiative brought to the hospitality industry by Campari Academy UK. 

Opening up about the reasons why he came up with this project, Loris says: “I decided to create the seminar series purely because of the very reason why bars exist and why we are all here tonight: hospitality, an act of generosity for every guest or even strangers. This is what made me fall in love with this industry in the first place; I walked into a bar and it wasn’t just that, it was an immersive theatre experience.” 

For many reason, we have lost a considerable amount of expertise, seniorship and mentorship in the last couple of years, while a new generation of hospitality workers approached our industry at the same time. Loris explains that, for this reason, there is an evident gap in the knowledge of true hospitality.  

“With this seminar series, we are going instil those principles that make hospitality what it is,” says Loris, with a winning attitude that will inspire newcomers. 

He continues: “We have created the seminars around something quite intangible and we are going to work together to make it tangible – we want participants to take away those soft skills that they can implement in their own bar the very next day, allowing them to deliver those unforgettable experiences that people want.”

With the first class taking place this April, the second one in July and third in September, the content will live beyond the face-to-face sessions – which will also be available to join via Campari Academy UK digital channels – and will stay accessible on the Academy’s website. 

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