Campari launches its Red Diaries 2017 campaign

Campari has launched its Red Diaries 2017 campaign; a holistic revolution to the late Campari Calendar in Rome – the symbolic hub of Italian cinema.

Representing a step-change in the brand’s communication, Campari Red Diaries brings to life the ethos that “every cocktail tells a story” celebrating cocktails as a vehicle for expression by shining a light on the influences that inspire bartenders to share their craft.

Killer in Red, the pivotal piece of the project, is a short film written and directed by the Italian internationally renowned award winner, Paolo Sorrentino , which stars Hollywood actor, Clive Owen.

Killer in Red is the ignition of the masterful campaign, yet the Campari Red Diaries journey is about bringing to life the artistry of bartenders in an authentic way. 12 cocktail stories created by some of the leading bartenders from all around the world, with each brought to fruition through the medium of video by young and emerging Italian director Ivan Olita

British bartender Jim Wrigley, known for making cocktails at Buckingham Palace and for 007 himself, has been involved in the campaign. Jim created his cocktail, Beyond The Veil, for the series. Watch the YouTube video for more details about the cocktail and the film.

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