Captivating Cocktail Concoctions

Deliver cocktails to chill-spines and thrill this autumn.

At Icely Done, we believe in swift service without sacrificing quality, inventiveness, or taste. Our Cocktail Blends are the spark for creative and memorable drinks – just what’s needed with Halloween and Bonfire night around the corner!

To get your bar ready for the autumnal draw, our team of talented cocktail enthusiasts have opened their little book of trick and treats to give you a few neat ways to upgrade classic cocktails. Some fun ideas and profitable drinks for the coming festivities.

Switch to seasonal

Bring in autumnal ingredients like apples, pears, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to recreate delicious twists on classic cocktails. These flavours evoke the cosy and warm feelings people crave using the template of classic cocktails that have stood the test of time.

Fire up those taste buds

Ginger-based cocktails are a great way to warm the cockles of your customers. No need to get complicated, keep it simple. A Chocolate and Ginger fix is an Icely Done original that we recommend featuring golden rum and dark cacao; and bartenders can make use of our Ginger & Lemon Blend to save the peeling and juicing of ginger behind the bar.

Go with comfort

Warm cocktails help combat the cold weather. Classics like a Hot Toddy and Mulled Wine are perfect choices and they allow room for seasonal innovation. For us, that comes in the shape of our Pomegranate & Spiced Pear Blend which makes a gorgeous hot wine.

Splash of autumn colours

Use garnishes and mixers that have autumn colours, such as orange, deep red, and even brown. This not only fits the season but also adds visual appeal to your drinks. This time of year, we turn to our Berries & Cherries Blend that brings a beautiful deep purple to cocktails and makes a fantastic Cherry Enzoni for example with gin, Campari and sloe gin.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get creative with a little food colouring too. Turn a classic Porn Star into a witches brew in seconds!

Smoke those cocktails

Incorporate a smoky element, like smoked ice cubes or a smoked glass, to add an intriguing sensory dimension to your cocktails and some theatre. Because that’s what cocktails should do: wow people.

Spiced rimming glasses

Create a spiced sugar blend of cinnamon and sugar to rim glasses. An easy way to add ‘autumn-feels’ to cocktails and enhances the flavours.

Infuse your spirits

Infuse vodka or whiskey with autumnal flavours to use in your cocktails. It’s an easy and low-cost way to take your cocktails to new and novel places. Try Jamaican gingerbread fat washed whiskeys or chai tea infused sweet vermouths. We also recommend speaking to ‘MSK Ingredients’ who do some lovely liquid flavourings that you make consistent and reliable infusions.

Get collaborating

This might be our favourite thing. Time to get together with other local businesses you love. Because it’s all about sharing the love. Partner with local businesses you love, like bakeries. Create unique cocktail pairings, like a warm toddy with a locally baked cinnamon-spiced biscuit. It’s a win for your customers, your community, and your bar!

If you’re up for a chat about cocktails (our favourite topic), drop us a line. And if you want to try our Cocktail Blends, visit us at

Perfect recipes to WOW customers this autumn

Our Blends can help you create flavourful concoctions in under 60 seconds for your thirsty customers and can even be served hot to warm them up on those autumn evenings.  And for those daring souls looking for their next shock, you might consider serving some frozen delights (yep our Blends work at sub-zero temperatures). Ready in just 7 seconds and guaranteed to send shivers down their spines! Speak to us about our frozen cocktail machines.

Spooky Sangria

Using Pomegranate and Spiced Pear Blend


  • 50ml Icely Done Pomegranate and Spiced Pear Blend
  • 25ml Spiced rum
  • 50ml Pinot Noir
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Shake and strain.

Autumn Harvest Margarita

Using Spiced Cranberry and Clementine Blend


  • 50ml Icely Done Cranberry and Clementine Blend
  • 35ml Blanco Tequila
  • 10ml Triple sec
  • 5ml Campari
  • Squeeze in 3 lime wedges

Shake and strain.

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