Carlsberg champions Danish design in global rebrand

Carlsberg has unveiled a major global rebrand with a new identity system that champions the principles of great Danish design.

With the help from brand design agency Taxi Studio, Carlsberg’s famous brand elements have been recrafted for the first time in years.

These assets combine “to form a coherent master brand-led identity system” that works across packaging, promotions and POS materials for all of Carlsberg’s global variants. The core elements include the logo, hop leaf, crown and brand typeface, as well as the signature of Carlsberg founder JC Jacobsen.

JC Jacobsen’s ‘Golden Words’ from his will – “In working the brewery we should be in constant pursuit of better beer so that the brewery may always set standards and assist in keeping beer brewing at a high and honourable level,” were a driving force behind the rebrand. Sustainability was also a critical part of the design brief.

Jessica Spence, chief commercial officer at Carlsberg Group, said: “The Carlsberg brand has an incredibly unique history. There’s no other brand that played this sort of role as a turning point in the global brewing industry. That makes it a fantastic opportunity to work on.”

Spencer Buck, creative partner at Taxi Studio, added: “The new design system is very much anti-trend. It’s designed to be permanent, or more permanent than any iteration of the design system has been before.

“There shouldn’t be any need to change this for a good long time. That’s part of the sustainable thinking that was built into the very core of the brief.”

The “rejuvenated” Carlsberg brand is launching in Scandinavian markets in September 2018 and will be rolled out globally over the course of 2019.

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