Carlsberg revitalises flagship Danish Pilsner

Carlsberg Danish Pilsner

Carlsberg UK has revamped its flagship Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, in a move to highlight the brand’s Danish heritage and quest for “better” quality.

To realign and reconnect with the principles of Carlsberg’s founder JC Jacobsen and his belief in the art of brewing and the pursuit of better, the brewer has “enhanced every aspect” of its beer, from the choice of ingredients through to the brewing process.

Carlsberg Danish Pilsner (3.8% ABV) retains the “light, refreshing qualities” of its predecessor but has been rebrewed to deliver a “smoother, fuller mouth-feel and a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness.”

The new beer will be available to the on-trade from 1 March, supported by a multi-million-pound investment and new visual identity, which aims to increase brand quality perceptions.

In the trade, Carlsberg UK will focus efforts on elevating the consumer drinking experience around Carlsberg Danish Pilsner through a series of “betterments”.

This includes new stemmed glassware, a new fount and upgraded ZerO2 bottle caps, which are said to preserve the freshness and life of the beer, alongside bar staff education, perfect pour training and consumer sampling.

The brewer is also rolling out new sustainable packaging which reduces plastic usage through glue technology. ‘Greener Green’ ink will also be incorporated in bottle labels and outer packaging to improve packaging recyclability.

Liam Newton, vice president, marketing, Carlsberg UK said: “In launching our new, perfectly balanced Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, we’re toasting the brewing passion of our founder JC Jacobsen and his legacy of pursuing better, which started over 170 years ago.

“Some of the most popular and recognisable beers, like Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, will continue to represent the biggest segment in UK beer in five years’ time and therefore remains crucial to the health of the beer category overall. We’re firm believers in people drinking better beer, and people want better beer, so why wouldn’t we respond to this consumer need?

“In recent years, we have reinvigorated our premium Carlsberg Expørt and we’re now committed to enhancing every aspect of the Carlsberg Danish Pilsner drinking experience, ultimately encouraging the trade and beer drinkers to re-appraise our brand.”

Master brewer Bhavya Mandanna added: “Our new Pilsner has a fuller body and a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness made possible through modifications to our brewing process and the addition of bittering hops in the brewhouse.

“Aroma hops with citrus and floral top notes give a greater depth of flavour whilst maintaining the light and refreshing qualities of Carlsberg. The result is a smooth, perfectly balanced, Danish Pilsner.”

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