Carlsberg launches “Crafted” beer range for free trade

Crafted from Carlsberg UK

Carlsberg UK has launched a portfolio of craft and speciality beers under the “Crafted” name to help free-trade customers to expand their beer offering.

The portfolio of 28 beers has been sourced across Carlsberg UK’s third-party partners and the Carlsberg Group global portfolio.

It includes beers from across the craft and speciality beer spectrum, such as lagers, bitters, pilsners, pale ales, porters and wheat beers, with draught, bottled and cans on offer.

They include Backyard Brewery, part of Carlsberg’s Falkenberg brewery in Sweden. Its Bee 17 is a hop-struck Pilsner at ABV 4.7%, available in 330ml cans. Its The Lawn Mower amber lager comes in at ABV 4.8%, also available in 330ml cans.

Another is Portobello Brewing Company, based in London’s Notting Hill. Its Portobello London Pilsner, at ABV of 4.6%, is available in 30-litre kegs.

Charles Wells & Dogfish Head is a collaboration between Dogfish Head in Delaware in the US and English brewer Charles Wells, resulting in DNA, a modern IPA at 4.5% ABV, available in 330ml bottles and 50-litre kegs.

The range includes Grimbergen Blonde, at 6.7% ABV and available in 330ml bottles, which comes from Grimbergen, with origins just outside Brussels.

From Stevens Point Brewery in Wisconsin in the US comes Stevens Point IPA which is a fresh, bold and fruity American India pale ale with ABV of 5.6% and available in 355ml bottles.

Other brewers featured in the launch range include Liefmans, Anchor Brewing and Shipyard Brewing as well as UK names Innis and Gunn, Meantime Brewing Company, Charles Wells, Greene King and Marston’s.

Carlsberg UK intends to grow the Crafted portfolio both through seasonal offers and bringing new brewers into the range.

It follows year-on-year growth of 75% for craft beer in the UK, and the average pint of craft beer commanding an additional 75p to 90p per pint.

Nick Howells, head of innovation at Carlsberg UK, said: “Our Crafted range complements our existing portfolio of core and world beers including Carlsberg, Tetley’s, Staropramen and San Miguel and demonstrates our commitment to supporting the free trade who want to grow their business and attract new customers through developing and growing a craft and speciality beer offer.

“Through Crafted we can help publicans start this journey by supporting them with a good entry range alongside our usual focus on service and support, ultimately enabling them to tap into the thriving opportunity that is craft and speciality beer.”

Pete Brown, a leading beer expert who authored the introduction to the Crafted range’s guide, added: “Despite its relatively small market share, four out of 10 publicans already think they should be stocking craft. That’s because it attracts a much broader set of drinkers than usually drink beer.

“These drinkers believe craft beer gives them a special experience that is worth paying more for. And that means a pub, bar or restaurant that still doesn’t offer craft beer is one that’s missing an obvious opportunity.”

To complement the new Crafted range, Carlsberg UK’s sales team has undergone knowledge-building training sessions focusing on craft and speciality beer styles, using correct glassware, and beer and food matching advice so they can support free-trade customers.

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