Hotelympia: Kitchenwear by UGi


The new Kitchenwear by UGi collection is to be presented at the Hotelympia show designed to meet all standards for the hospitality sector.

We present original aprons and kitchen wear for catering, restaurant and hotel business, designed by our designer Lina Morkuniene.

UGi is a new image of professional clothing centred on aprons. In the UGI kitchen, fashion winds are in a constant state of flux. Textures, shapes, colors and patterns are being mixed. We enjoy to play fashion.

Quality is the essential condition for UGI fashion to stay special even during dangerous kitchen situations. Our priority is high-quality fabrics that offer exceptional performance and withstand repeated high-temperature industrial laundering.

We hope you appreciate our passion that comes in different shapes: stylish, cosy, playful and fashionable.

Find JSC Tantas with UGi on Stand 2060 at Hotelympia. Visit


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