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Capreolus Fine Foods, a multi-award-winning artisan charcuterie producer from Dorset, have developed a 4-Meat Platter to address the growing demand for charcuterie, and British charcuterie in particular. It is supplied in a pack of 10 portions of 30g each. Each portion is on its own interleaf and consists of slices of Smoked Mutton, Coppa, Air-Dried Pork Loin, and Air-Dried Beef. This makes it very easy to serve, gives tight portion control, minimises waste, and guarantees GP margins.

Working closely with a number of chefs, Capreolus have ensured that the 4-Meat Platter meets their requirements for quality and variety, and also allows the chef to dress the dish and still meet their GP targets. Brett Sutton, chef/patron of the White Post at Rimpton (Champion Dining Pub, Taste of the West 2015) immediately added it to his menu and said: “Capreolus make charcuterie that stands comparison with the best available. Their 4-Meat Platter sits perfectly on my menu and is very popular with my customers.” Since launching the 4-Meat Platter at The Restaurant Show in Olympia London in October, sales have gone up every week.

For more information contact David Richards at Capreolus on 01935 83883 or

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