Central Foods creates two new plant-based burgers

Central Foods plant-based burgers

Northamptonshire-based frozen food distributor Central Foods has introduced two new plant-based burgers for the foodservice sector as demand for non-meat products continues to rise.

The KaterVeg! Beetroot, Quinoa and Seed Burger (pictured above) and the KaterVeg! Flamin’ Inferno Burger (pictured below) are both vegan and vegetarian-friendly, but also designed to appeal to the increasing number of consumers opting for a flexitarian diet.

Central Foods’ 140g KaterVeg! Beetroot, Quinoa and Seed Burger is a rich purple beetroot patty, combined with quinoa, red peppers, spring onions and mixed seeds with a hint of chilli, lightly dusted with polenta.

To create the 150g KaterVeg! Flamin’ Inferno Burger, the team at Central Foods have taken the original spicy bean burger and “pimped it up to the next level” with extra chilli, peppers and paprika, and coated it with crushed, crunchy nacho chips.

The two new plant-based burgers each come in a pack of 24, and can be oven cooked or deep fried in just 4-5 minutes from frozen.

Gordon Lauder, managing director of Central Foods, said: “The demand for plant-based food has been one of the biggest trends in foodservice in recent times. It’s partly down to more people choosing a vegan or vegetarian diet, but also partly down to consumers who are opting to reduce their meat intake and go for a more flexitarian approach to eating.

“These two new KaterVeg! burgers from Central Foods are quality products that provide a good bun filling – they don’t shrink when cooked, unlike some meat burgers – and they are guaranteed to appeal to consumers who fancy a tasty, plant-based meal that’s a bit different.”

Central Foods plant-based burgers

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