CES Software’s new features for your bar

CES Software Bar Payment

CES Software, the industry-leading software for hospitality from 3R Telecom, has new features for your bar.

CES Waiter Tablet uses the exact same software as the main EPoS terminals meaning fewer errors due to staff familiarity along with the financial benefits of using Windows tablets as opposed to their more expensive counterparts using iOS.

CES boasts extensive functions such as email updates. It has integrated the email system within its functions and has been updated with a few new features:

  • Email sales receipts with a new layout formatted into the body of the email.
  • A company logo can be added to the new email receipts and reports.
  • Email receipts on the fly option, no prior customer record needed simply add the email address at ends of sale.
  • Customer email address can be changed prior to sending the email and the customer record will save the new details.
  • Loyalty point emails: it automatically sends customers an email showing their new loyalty point balance at end of sale
  • The end-of-day report can now be automatically emailed to the recipients entered in the back-office settings.
  • Terminal reports can now be emailed using the new email button added to the reports’ screen.
  • The account statement screen has been updated: the old printed tick box has been replaced by a status label to show if the statement was emailed or printed.
  • Filter buttons have been updated on the account statement screen: there are now options to “ticked to be printed” and “tick to be emailed”.

CES’s new release, IP Link to CCTV, enables the transactions to be overlaid on live CCTV, enabling business owners to track and trace potential training issues or fraud issues which may arise.

It really is fast, easy and simple to install with network cables.

Other features include: points for loyalty; an internal reservation system and links to larger reservation systems; links to a multitude of PMS (Hotel Links) with integrated payments and unlimited price offers per product plus live cloud reporting for the owner… Anytime, anywhere.

For more information, get in touch with the CES Software team on 01992 574650.

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