Chang Beer links with Rosa’s restaurants for draught launch

rosa's thai cafe

Premium Thai lager brand Chang Beer is being launched on draught for the first time by being made available on tap at restaurant group Rosa’s Thai Cafe.

The collaboration with the five-strong London restaurant chain will act as a trial before the beer is introduced on draught to the wider on-trade market.

It marks the brand’s continuing partnership with restaurants to further build consumer awareness of how the Thai lager pairs well with Thai cuisine.

Geoff Tirrell, general manager of Chang Beer UK, said: “Serving Chang Beer on draught provides a freshness which further enhances the light citrus notes and full-bodied flavour which embody the beer.

“The beer’s complex aromas of smoky, peaty green apples and vanilla make it the perfect accompaniment to the exotic tastes of Thai cooking.

“We’re delighted to be strengthening our relationship with a restaurant chain as reputable as Rosa’s and I have no doubt Chang will provide the perfect accompaniment to the delicious dishes served at their locations throughout the capital.”

Alex Moore, co-founder and managing director of Rosa’s Thai Café, said: “Being selected to be the first bar/restaurant in the UK to serve draught Chang is a real honour for our company.

“I have always thought that Chang is Thailand’s number-one quality beer and serving it alongside Rosa’s is the best possible dining experience we can offer.”

Chang literally means “elephant” in Thai, a symbol of happiness, harmony and prosperity.

chang beer

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