Cheers to Victory: Greene King Raises the Bar with Exclusive Cask Beer to Celebrate the Big Game

Greene King Brewery is launching a limited-edition cask beer, False Nine, to celebrate the upcoming football tournament.

The 4% hoppy golden ale has been brewed using a fusion of hops which deliver citrus and tropical fruit notes. The beer will be available for customers to order from now until the end of the tournament in July.

The name of the beer, False Nine, refers to a lesser-known position in football where the player is a centre-forward who is stationed high up the pitch, but has the freedom to roam around and drop back into deeper positions to receive the ball and link up play. The term false 9 refers to the player’s position number ‘9’ on the field, which traditionally represents the central striker.

As well as the football-themed cask beer, Greene King will also be supporting free trade customers who purchase False Nine with bespoke point of sale, including fixture posters and drip mats to drive awareness and excitement of the games. Free-trade customers that stock any of Greene King’s craft beers, including Flint Eye and Level Head, will also be able to secure branded pitchers to help with speed of service during busy periods and drive volume.

The brewer is also offering selected stockists of Belhaven Best the chance to receive point of sale for pubs during the tournament, where guests can scan to win exclusive Belhaven t-shirts, driving visibility of a true Scottish brand during the football occasion.

Jack Palmer, Head Brewer at Greene King, said: “At Greene King we love to celebrate the big occasions with a specialty beer, and we are really proud to launch False Nine for the tournament. This is the ideal beer to have on the bar and encourage your customers to toast the nation as the summer of sport kicks off.”

“To enhance the football occasion, we are also supporting customers with various other activities across the UK, including Scotland, to drive guests to the pub, get them to stay and also keep them coming back. We’re offering our customers lots of ways to win this summer and hopefully we’ll have more to celebrate in July.”

False Nine is just one of the new beers that forms part of the wider Fresh Cask Releases calendar, a portfolio of 13 limited-edition cask beers available at specific times throughout the year. 

To order from the Cask Fresh Releases Calendar, or to find out more about additional support available for pubs, contact your Greene King sales representative or call 0345 600 1799.

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