China’s Pearl River Beer flows into the UK

Pearl River beer

Pearl River Beer from China is set to be available across the UK as part of a new agreement with Kingfisher Beer Europe.

The company is to market and distribute Guangzhou Nansha Zhujiang Brewery Co’s flagship beer – one of the biggest beer brands in China – in selected markets in Europe including the UK.

The beer is named after the 1,375-mile river that meanders through southern China until it reaches the ancient city of Guangzhou, the home of Cantonese cuisine and dim sum.

Pearl River has light but hoppy characteristics and is not overly bitter, making it perfect to accompany the delicate flavours of Cantonese food. It is available in 330ml and 600ml bottles for the on- and off-trade.

Damon Swarbrick, CEO of Kingfisher Beer Europe said: “The launch of Pearl River in the UK will capitalise on two dominant consumer trends in the beer market.

“Firstly, consumers are increasingly keen to match their beer to the food they’re consuming. There are 3,500 Chinese restaurants in the UK and the vast majority of these are serving either Cantonese cuisine or dim sum. For far too long these restaurants have been unable to sell an authentic Cantonese beer to complement these flavours.

“Secondly, consumers are constantly on the lookout for new exciting discovery beers instead of the existing brands they’ve been drinking for years. We believe that Pearl River is well placed to capitalise on both these trends.”

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