Chris Moore represents UK in Bacardi Legacy global final

CHRIS MOORE_6016 V2Chris Moore (pictured) of the Beaufort Bar at London’s Savoy Hotel will be competing against 18 other bartenders from around the world at the global final of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in Puerto Rico on April 25. He won the UK & Ireland final with his cocktail, The Encantador, in February. Judges will include Salvatore Calabrese of Salvatore at Playboy in London, Alex Kratena of the Artesian bar at The Langham Hotel, London, and Joerg Meyer of Le Lion – Bar de Paris and The Boilerman Bar in Hamburg.

Here, Chris takes us through his journey to winning the UK & Ireland final in London in February.

Throughout my career as a bartender, I have always wanted to leave my mark. The chance to do so is a very small one. After all, how much impact can a bartender truly have through his profession? Yes, we can entertain our guests, ensuring they have an enjoyable evening and serving them tasty drinks to match, but crossing over into the territories of having a mainstream impact in our industry? That’s a tough one.

I entered Bacardi Legacy twice before I made an impact in the competition. For me, the whole concept of the competition was one which appealed. Instead of going through numerous tests and challenges, this is a competition on a global scale which tests you on the true attributes of being a bartender. You not only have to be able to make a great drink and present in an immaculate fashion with grace and style, but you also have to be able to network and have the confidence to promote yourself and your creation through the course of a year.

Neither of these tasks is easy, but it is the latter which stumps most bartenders, as it is not usually something which comes naturally through our work. However, in an industry where most of us would openly admit to wanting to own their own venue, what better chance is there than to go out, meet people, and be given a platform from which to promote your work and ideals?

The truth is the marketing and promotion side of the competition was hard. But through it I have learnt more about this side of the industry than I otherwise would have in a lifetime, and I’ve also learnt how important it is. Here is how I went about it.

Firstly, I sat down and broke the marketing activity up in to three sections: visibility, awareness and trial. Next, I had to decide how to have as much impact as possible, whilst using as little of the budget as possible. Weighing all of this up, I created a calendar with all of my dates in, booked the time off work and started making the contacts that I would need to carry out my plan.

Here’s what I ended up doing throughout the course of the year:

January 2012
Encantador video made (visibility)
Prohibition Party with Encantador as featured cocktail (visibility)
Start of a year-long display display on the back bar in the Beaufort Bar (visibility)

February 2012
Named one of three “most promising” at the UK Bacardi Legacy competition.
Encantador-branded jacket launched (visibility)
Served at the Asprey pop-up bar for the BAFTA nominee party (trial)
Encantador listed in Sydney and at The Kenilworth Hotel cocktail lounge in Warwickshire (visibility)

March 2012
Cocktail masterclasses in the Beaufort Bar where guests are taught how to make the Encantador (trial)
Encantador song written and recorded by Savoy resident musician Jon Nickoll (awareness)

April 2012
Staff cocktail training at The Ledbury in Notting Hill, London, features Encantador (trial)
Encantador featured in a full-page spread in the Cocktail Lovers magazine, full page spread (visibility)

May 2012
First Burlesque Party (trial)

June 2012
At Taste of London, with an ice sculpture, thousands of samples and presentation on the stage (trial)

July 2012
500 Encantador recipe cards produced and distributed (awareness)
Past, Present, Future Party, with Ago Perrone, Matt Dakers and Zdenek Kastanek (awareness)
Encantador made for all attending journalists and guests at the Bacardi 150th Anniversary presentation in the American Bar at The Savoy (visibility)
Encantador logo designed for use in branding exercises (visibility)
New York private party, press and invited guests (awareness)
Guest bartending at Angel’s Share in the East Village, NYC, with head bartender Shingo Gokan (awareness)
At Tales of the Cocktail, with an ice box with chilled hip flask samples (trial)
Bacardi is listed for the first time at PDT in Manhattan after conversations with bartender and managing partner Jim Meehan (visibility)

August 2012
Encantador featured as the signature rum drink in Matthew Clark’s book for its Signature premium brands (visibility)

September 2012
Presentation at Boutique Bar show in London, culminating with the Encantador (awareness)
300 Encantador-branded i-Wipeys received and distributed (awareness)
Featured in South Korean style magazine Gold (visibility)
“Ten of the Best” feature in the Daily Telegraph features the Encantador as what to drink in the Beaufort Bar (visibility)

October 2012
Encantador filmed as part of new Beaufort Bar uniform for design company Studio 104 (visibility)
Encantador is one of the featured cocktails at the London Cocktail Week launch party (trial)
Presentation in the Bacardi speakeasy at Bar Convent Berlin (awareness)
Launch of Tom Sandham’s book, World’s Best Cocktails, which features the Encantador (visibility)

November 2012
Encantador filmed for American Express Centurion Club magazine (visibility)
Encantador guest book launched, collecting signatures and comments from both consumers and industry figures (awareness)

December 2012
Encantador features in Polish bar magazine (visibility)

January 2013
Gok Wan tweets the Encantador to his 1,250,000 followers (awareness)

What amazed me most throughout the year was how much the PR became self-generating. Some of these things I didn’t even know about until it came to the end of the year and I was searching the internet for mentions of the Encantador. Since the UK final the listings have also gone through the roof, and my drink can be found on menus in five continents.

One thing is for sure though: none of it would have been possible were it not for the incredible support that I received from the industry throughout the year. So many people have helped, guided and lifted me throughout the process, and it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

EncantadorMy sole focus now is the global final in Miami and Puerto Rico, where I shall be doing everything I can to bring the world title home to the UK for the first time. Until then: long live the Encantador!

Encantador by Chris Moore

40ml Bacardi Superior
10ml Aperol
20ml Fresh lemon juice
15ml Vanilla syrup
5ml Miclo Framboise eau de vie
5ml Egg white

Shake hard with mostly cubed and a little crushed ice. Fine-strain into a chilled coupette. Garnish with a lime twist.

A shorter version of this article appeared in the April 2013 issue of Bar magazine.

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