Clubs tap into entry and promotions technology

Clubs and promoters are signing up to a new system that allows them to co-ordinate door entry, event management, promotions and tickets in one “virtual space” using a smartphone or tablet.

Gatecrasher, Ace of Clubs and Phat Nights and a number of other nightlife promoters in the UK have tapped into the app, which is based on cloud technology delivered over a network.

With an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, they can scan a QR code on tickets and take entry payments, improving the customer experience and replacing more expensive scanning devices.

Gatecrasher is now using the ticket shop facility on to sell e-tickets via its own website, Facebook page and rep network, where customers can invite their friends and receive the tickets on a mobile phone.

The Nutickets “promo centre” feature allows firms like Gatecrasher and Ace of Clubs to maximise the success of promotional activity by sending campaigns and promotional codes to customised groups via email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter and tracking website clicks or conversions.

The dashboard technology can be used to create guest lists and queue jump options, which can be updated by appointed reps before the event and managed by venue entry staff using the app.

It can be used to compile reports on a range of data including customer likes and attendance figures such as entry times, age and gender of guests, providing information to improve future promotional activity.

Matthew Ray, financial controller at Gatecrasher said: “Nutickets provided us with a one-stop shop for all our ticketing and promotions needs and has proved to be an absolutely invaluable tool for our club nights.

“We have faster access to our data, increased flexibility and control and improved security on club nights. Above all, we are selling more tickets as a result of moving to this system, while also reducing costs.”

Amish Bakrania from Phat Nights and Phat Events said: “Nutickets has completely transformed the way we work and we now have the very latest technology when it comes to our door entry system, getting rid of costly, bulky machines and replacing it with cloud technology.

“This, together with selling online tickets is putting us way ahead of our competitors and we are seeing great results already in terms of sales with the additional promotion tools we can tap into, while the feedback from our customers has also been very positive.”

Jose San Miguel (pictured), chief executive of, said: “It is important for the nightclub industry to keep moving with the times and giving its customers what they want in order to maximise ticket revenues.

“Our technology supports those efforts by harnessing the power of social media and mobile devices, while also reducing the cost of managing and promoting each event.”

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