Cocktail brand taps into mobile ordering app

Funkin Drinks brands and bar operators are supporting roll-out of Q App, which allows people to order and pay for drinks using their mobile phones.

It is partnering cocktail mix and puree brand Funkin which will use the mobile platform to promote drinks ideas to consumers when they use the app in a bar, club or pub.

Q App allows people to browse a venue’s menu, order drinks and pay for them, all using their smartphone, avoiding the need to queue, ask for the bill or pay with cash or a card. Drinks can be ordered in advance, specifying a time for collection.

Available for iPhone and Android platforms, it accepts all major credit and debit cards and can be used for gathering customer data and running targeted promotions. Orders are managed by outlets using a tablet.

Funkin will use Q App to run targeted promotions to potential customers in real time, based on an individual’s profile including age, gender and past purchasing habits.

Alex Carlton, founder and managing director of Funkin, said: “Funkin is a young, vibrant and dynamic brand looking to harness fresh ideas to drive greater drinking experience and better service to our clients and customers alike.

“Q App is the only tried-and-tested mobile ordering platform that offers users the kind of experience we would expect, providing us with the ability to drive greater Funkin brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.”

Tim Bichara, Q App commercial director, added: “Q App’s sophisticated mobile ordering technology, coupled with its rapid adoption by major hospitality venues and customers alike, creates a unique opportunity for brands to reach their target customers and engage with them at the critical point in their decision-making process.

“This exciting partnership with a major drinks brand is a strong stamp of approval for Q App and we look forward to helping Funkin reach its marketing objectives”

Since its launch last year, the Q App platform has been adopted by bars in London such as ETM Group’s The Botanist in Chelsea, Glendola Leisure’s Waxy O’Connor’s in the West End, and the Southbank Centre.

Ed Martin, co-founder of ETM Group, said: “The addition of the Q App platform to some of our flagship venues has improved our operational efficiencies.

“Using the app means we are able to process significantly more orders during busy periods, while the average order value is also noticeably higher as a result of our ability to promote and up-sell additional products.

“Just as importantly, the customer feedback has been excellent – the convenience provided means our customers don’t have to queue so are able to benefit from this virtual VIP treatment at a press of a button.”
Q App

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