Cocktails inspire range of alcoholic fruit sorbets

Lushice Strawberry

Sorbets inspired by classic cocktails have been added to the Lushice range of dairy-free desserts, combining fruity flavours with the subtle taste of smooth spirits.

The Mojito is a lime sorbet spiked with British mint, finished with smooth Caribbean white rum, while the Margarita is a lime sorbet combined with tequila.

The Strawberry Daiquiri is made with British strawberries and rum while the luxurious Piña Colada uses tropical pineapple puree enriched with coconut milk and rum.

Each pot – in either 100g or 500g – is created using high-quality fruit puree and juice sourced from the West Country and has ABV of just 2%. It contains only 100 calories per 100ml. They are targeted at foodservice as well as retail.

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