Commonwealth Games win for Glasgow bartender

danny whelan

Danny Whelan from the Kelvingrove Café in Glasgow has won tickets to the Commonwealth Games through a competition run for Chairman’s Reserve rum.

His indulgent drink, the Comerette Cooler (pictured), won the most “likes” on the Facebook page created for the competition, Sprint to the Finish, by UK distributor Emporia Brands.

The long drink is made with Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum plus orange sherbet, coconut syrup and chocolate bitters with a float of root beer and a side serving of ice cream and chocolate.

It is named after the white-sand beach, Anse Comerette, on St Lucia which is the home of Chairman’s Reserve rum and also a Commonwealth country.

Danny’s prize is tickets to a private box at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on Monday (July 28) for the 100m finals. The competition attracted entries from bartenders across Scotland.

Runners-up in the competition were Mike McGinty from Treacle in Edinburgh and Matt Ronald from Blue Dog in Glasgow. Their recipes are below, although Matt’s is not yet available.

Comerette Cooler by Danny Whelan

45ml Chairman’s Reserve Spiced
25ml Orange sherbet
20ml Coconut syrup
dash Chocolate bitters
Topped with a float of root beer

Shake all the ingredients except the root beer and pour into a highball glass over cracked ice. Float root beer over the top. Garnish with an orange twist and serve with vanilla ice cream and coconut chocolate on the side.

Chairman’s Re-Served by Mike McGinty

50ml Chairman’s Reserve
20ml Homemade falernum
5 dashes of Angostura Bitters
2 dashes of Chocolate bitters

Put all the ingredients into a metal cup, with a lime cut into a square, covered in Demerara sugar, coffee, chocolate and cinnamon. Light it on fire to caramelise the lime, letting it drip into the drink. Then extinguish the flame with 60ml of water.

Bolt from the Blue by Matt Ronald

25ml Chairman’s Spiced
12.5ml Domaine de Canton liqueur
12.5ml Gabriel Boudier Creme de Myrtilles (blueberry)
Fresh blueberries
25ml Lemon juice
Lemon syrup
37.5ml apple juice

Muddle the blueberries with lime and sugar, add spirits, shake and double strain into a Winchester glass. Garnish with a slice of apple and some speared blueberries.

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