Compass Box Introduces The Latest Release in the Extinct Blends Quartet 

Metropolis, A Taste Through Time

Scotch whiskymakers, Compass Box have unveiled the third expression in their Extinct Blends Quartet, Metropolis, a limited edition paying tribute to the city. 

Journey through time as Metropolis pays homage to the bustling cities of past and present where cultures meet, grand buildings reside, and where we see the birthplace of blended Scotch whisky. 

The Extinct Blends Quartet is an homage to blends that have been lost to history. Whilst extinct distilleries can be revived – mash tuns refilled and stills heated up again, blends of the past cannot be recreated at scale. These formulae encapsulate specific moments in time – the result of relationships, ideas and people. With each whisky in this series, Compass Box takes inspiration from these vanished characters and flavours, reappraising four very different expressions of blended Scotch, using some of their most precious parcels of whisky.

Metropolis takes inspiration from a recently extinct blended Scotch with a long history. Charming, refined, and alive with energy, Metropolis reflects the excitement and richness of life in city spaces. 

Presenting an array of tasting notes, Metropolis embodies all the senses of the city. A parcel of Blended Scotch nurtured in sherry casks brings out a dried fruit richness over a creamy and zesty grain whisky. Soak in the subtle scents of hot metal and smoke from the shipyards courtesy of a very old malt whisky.

The newest liquid in the Extinct Blends Quartet, which follows Ultramarine and Delos, invites imbibers to transport back to a time when blended Scotch whisky began – in the city. It’s within the blending vats in Glasgow and Edinburgh where bottles of blended Scotch would begin their journey before venturing across the world. 

Lead Whiskymaker at Compass Box, James Saxon, comments: “For us, Metropolis represents all the people, places, and moments that blend together making city life so vibrant. We really wanted to capture the soul of blended Scotch that continues to reside in the city today.”

Whisky connoisseurs can uncover the many depths of Metropolis and discover a new world of blended Scotch with its complex yet distinct qualities. Metropolis is a calling for whisky drinkers who want to taste a time capsule of blending.

Delightfully rebellious and adventurous in spirit, Compass Box has created a truly unique liquid crafted with passion and a desire to push boundaries in the whisky category. 

Metropolis will be available from the Compass Box website here

Discover a world where the old meets the new, and stories are told and reimagined, discover Metropolis.  

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